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Different Types of Cleaning Services

If you’re busy with work and kids, cleaning your home may be the last thing on your mind. Thankfully, you can hire Spokane Cleaning Service to make your house spick and span.

Cleaning Services

Residential cleaning services specialize in things around the home, such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and washing floors, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. They also clean the carpets, furniture, and windows. They can be hired for one-time jobs or on a regular basis. The service providers typically bring their own tools, but if you have special cleaning products or would like them to use green cleaners, it is best to discuss this with the team ahead of time.

Unlike commercial cleaning companies, residential cleaners are often not insured or bonded. This can leave their clients vulnerable if damage is caused to the property during cleaning and they are not held accountable. Training and technology for residential cleaners can also vary greatly and may be outdated, leaving the quality of their work inconsistent.

Move-in and move-out cleaning are common requests for residential cleaning services. This type of cleaning is often more detailed than a general cleaning.

Keeping commercial spaces clean is a key part of running a business. It makes a good impression on customers, encourages productivity, and helps stop the spread of germs that can make employees sick. While it is possible to have staff members tackle some cleaning tasks, a professional commercial cleaner will be better equipped for this kind of work. They will have experience with a variety of different cleaning jobs and equipment and be specially trained to deal with the types of mess that can be found in industrial settings like machinery, blank spaces, and chemicals.

Commercial cleaning services will often be contracted to perform specific duties on a regular basis at certain premises. These might include a school, hospital, office building, or leisure center. They will clean and sanitize rooms and areas that have high levels of foot traffic, such as hallways, bathrooms, and office cubicles. They will also clean larger spaces, such as warehouses and retail outlets. They may also be able to offer more specialized cleaning services, such as deep cleaning floors or carpeting or removing graffiti from walls.

The kinds of tasks that a commercial cleaning company will complete can vary significantly depending on the type of business they are contracted to work with. Trash removal is a common task, along with emptying and disinfecting trash cans. Other jobs might include sanitizing doorknobs, light switches, and shared equipment to reduce the spread of germs. Keeping restrooms clean and stocked is important, as is maintaining windows and the break room. Often, commercial cleaners will also be responsible for waste disposal, which is necessary to protect the environment and follow local laws regarding trash removal.

If a problem area is identified, the commercial cleaner will be responsible for reporting it to their employer. They will then work with the business to create a plan for dealing with the issue, such as extra cleaning or the use of a different cleaning product. They might also be tasked with reporting the condition of the property to help assess whether it is fit for sale or lease.


Industrial cleaning services provide specialized cleaning for areas of a facility such as factories, power plants, and warehouses. They often have established cleaning standards that must be met for the sake of safety and cleanliness in these facilities. Unlike commercial cleaning services, which typically work in office buildings and other commercial locations, industrial cleaning requires specialized equipment, knowledge of the industry, and experience working with dangerous materials.

In addition to basic janitorial services, industrial cleaners may also be contracted to remove contaminants like dust, dirt, and grease from machinery and other equipment. This specialized type of cleaning can be performed in places that are difficult or impossible to reach with regular cleaning methods, such as inside air conditioning units and other equipment that is located in ductwork.

Because the majority of industrial jobs require employees to work with and around machines, it is important for these environments to be clean. This ensures the longevity of equipment, reduces the risk of workplace accidents, and promotes worker health. In fact, a study found that if workers are exposed to poor indoor air quality (IAQ) on a regular basis, they can miss up to 14 million workdays each year due to asthma or other respiratory conditions that are caused by environmental irritants.

Hiring an experienced industrial cleaning service can help prevent these annoyances and keep the equipment functioning efficiently. In addition to cleaning a facility, an industrial cleaning company can also help with emergency situations such as chemical spills or floods. They should be trained to respond quickly and have the equipment needed to contain the spill and protect surrounding surfaces and equipment.

When choosing an industrial cleaning company, make sure they are fully licensed and insured. They should have a workers’ compensation policy in case an employee is injured on the job and general liability insurance to cover any damage caused by their work. Additionally, the best companies will be certified in hazardous waste management and disposal to help manage any potential contaminants that may be present at a facility.

It is also a good idea to request proof of insurance and a list of references before hiring an industrial cleaning service. This way, you can be sure the company is legitimate and has a history of performing high-quality, dependable work.


Specialized cleaning services take care of those cleaning tasks that are not included in generalized janitorial services. These specialized tasks are often specific to a business and include things like duct cleaning, lead-based paint removal, and removing hazardous waste. These tasks are usually performed outside of normal operating hours to minimize disruptions for staff or customers.

Offices, hospitals, schools, grocery stores, and retail spaces all require their own unique cleaning protocols. A professional cleaning service can provide a customized cleaning plan to fit your needs and budget. Specialized cleaning services also focus on specific areas that need attention, such as stain-free carpets and sanitary bathrooms. This can have a significant impact on customer or employee perceptions and can help your business stand out from the competition.

Depending on the type of business, special cleaning services can be used to perform tasks like stripping and waxing, burnishing, vacuuming, or carpet extraction. Specialized cleaning equipment is also designed to clean and sanitize large spaces in less time than traditional cleaning methods, which can be helpful for businesses that need a quick turnaround.

Specialized cleaning crews can be used to address seasonal cleanup, deep commercial office cleaning, or even emergency situations like fire damage or flooding. These crews are highly trained to respond quickly and efficiently, providing a high level of quality that is difficult to match for someone without their knowledge or experience.

Many cleaning services offer specialized cleaning for homeowners and businesses as well. This can range from basic scrubbing and dusting to more specific jobs, such as pet-friendly cleaning products or the use of green cleaning solutions. A specialized cleaner can ensure that your home is free of harmful chemicals, making it a safer environment for children and pets. They can also clean those hard-to-reach corners and areas that you might not be able to reach with your own cleaning supplies.

Specialized cleaning can be an essential part of any business, whether it is to maintain a healthy workspace or create a positive first impression on customers. It is important to find a cleaning service that is willing to adapt and customize their services to meet your unique needs.